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Yoha Galvez, Michelle Blanch / Life Love Lust 2010

explicit nude scene

This isn’t really explicit but I thought I should reblog it anyway because I found it really cute :3

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We need more discussions on mental health and abuse in Nigeria because at fifteen years old, an SS2 student who was held at gunpoint and raped should have a safe environment for her to go. Her safest place should not only be in the arms of her fellow classmate, crying in the middle of an empty classroom. We need more help for survivors because shame should not be a part of the skin given to survivors of such assault. We need it because a teacher shouldn’t openly and without remorse sleep with his student, where we claim it as the fifteen year old being so “loose” and saying in the same sentence how it is never the teacher’s fault. We need it because we have labelled it a taboo but don’t tell me that when four young Nigerian women are gathered and three have been offered darkness. We need it because my friend called me saying in anger something is wrong with the mentality of some men who actually argue with him about rape not being rape, that a woman who dresses a certain way, “deserves” to be raped. We need more discussions on mental health because the pains of survivors cannot be prayed out. Yes, not everything can be taken to Jesus in prayer. We need more discussions and resources for survivors because a housemaid who was raped by her Oga should not be spoken to and treated like she is less then a human being. We need it for all socio-economic levels of society. We need harsher prosecution for those who offer darkness, who try tearing others apart, who try devaluing another being due to their selfish needs. By

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